• Bem vindo ao Departamento de Filosofia


The Department of Philosophy (DPhil) is responsible for the conduction of research and training projects in the area of Philosophy at the University of Minho. The DPhil fosters the dialogue between Philosophy and other domains, namely Arts and Humanities, History and Social Sciences, Natural Sciences and Technologies. Its projects cover the different fields of Philosophy – from Logic to Epistemology and Philosophy of Mind, from Ethics and Political Philosophy to Aesthetics – puting emphasis on contemporary approaches. On the other hand, the DPhil values the national community in which it operates, giving particular attention to Portuguese Thought and Culture.

The DPhil currently has ten members, including a full professor. The coverage of the DPhil is well mirrored in the diversity of the subjects taught in multiple courses of the University, as well as in their own educational projects in the graduate and postgraduate degrees in Philosophy. For the same reason, the research carried out by the DPhil is diverse and covers all major fields of philosophy.

In addition to teaching and research, the DPhil is particularly active in promoting events such as conferences, seminars, training courses, etc. The Reader`s Community of Philosophy and the Permanent Seminar of Philosophy are initiatives that extend throughout the school year.

The Chair of the DPhil is, since May 2014, Professor Manuel Gama (mrcgama@ilch.uminho.pt). The DPhil is a department of the Institute of Arts and Human Sciences in the University of Minho.

Welcome to the Department of Philosophy!